Fellas and Fashion

I was reading through this book on Friday (a very good read by the way…perfect for the stylish man’s coffee table). I’ve always been interested in the origin of fashion trends, and how things turned from necessity to fashion over time. Like did you know that Barbour waxed cotton jackets were made for fishermen and farmers to wear out in the elements when it’s wasn’t super cold. After years of being worn for work, they moved their way in to the fashion world. Well delving in to the world of men’s fashion reminded me that’s it’s been awhile since we had a manly Monday. So here are some links from around the web that I think the gentlemen may be interested in.

Put this on  

This is a tumblr that I recently started following. Jesse Thorn answers every style question under the sun and helps with the basics of men’s fashion. It’s not exactly for the most casual of dressers, but it’s a cool site to follow.

Street Etiquette - Thrifting haul video 

I am such a fan of Travis and Joshua of Street Etiquette. They recorded a thrift trip and gave some pointers about how to make the best out of your next trip. Stylish and expert thrifters – my love has just grown.

 Refinery 29: 7 ways to retire the jeans and a button down routine

I have been so excited to see less and less sneakers and baggy jeans on men, more slim cut pants and adorable oxfords. Next stop is getting rid of the jeans and button down when it’s time to dress it up a bit. Guys, you have a lot of style options – refinery hit on some good ones.

Alright cuties, enjoy the rest of your Monday :-)

Fashionably Tardy


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2 thoughts on “Fellas and Fashion

  1. there’s actually a thrift store that’s really popular near my job (23rd and 1st). the only reason i know its popular is because there is usually a long line outside before it even opens. i keep telling myself i want to get into thrifting. i love finding stuff on sale or not paying full prices for quality items.

    • Do it! Some people think thrifting is overwhelming, but just go on a day when you have time and keep a very open mind about what you’re “looking for”. I’ve never met anyone who was disappointed after a successful thrifting trip :-)

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