Disney Inspired fashion

A friend of mine, Birobot from over at Pink, Purple and Blues , tweeted me this article yesterday called ” 16 Disney-fied Prom Ensembles” and I fell in love. Style is so much about inspiration, but with your inspiration being Disney characters I was worried about what I would find. I was more than pleasantly surprised how amazing fashionista Disney Bound is at capturing the essence of each Disney character without going over board. Check out the Buzz Feed article I linked to above. And here are some of my favorite looks from Disney Bound’s tumblr. Go take a look!

Have a great Friday – time for the weekend :-)


Fashionably Tardy


I’ve talked before about how powerless the words “free shipping” leaves me in my attempts to avoid online shopping. You get all the benefits of shopping from your couch, with no extra fees. Well I tweeted a few days ago about the Urban Outfitters three days without shipping deal – and today is the last day! You have until 3am to scoop up some good deals, no shipping fees and no minimum purchase amount. Get to shopping!

And remember that ASOS always has free shipping with no minimum purchase. Breeze by and check out their sale sections.

I am really trying to limit my shopping until I clear out my closets for spring, but I’m not so sure I can make it through this free shipping deal without at least getting some cute jewelry. Let me know what you get!

Have a great Wednesday :-)

Style up and ship out,

Fashionably Tardy

Polish off the perfect outfit

Even though it has returned to dreary days around here, it’s still springtime. And that means it’s time to add those perfect spring colors that I’ve been waiting for to your wardrobe. I have been stocking up on great pastel nail colors lately and wanted to share where I get some quality nail colors at a great price

Fresh Paint – This is the line of polish sold at Five Below. If you have a store in your area and haven’t visited it yet, please do – you will not be disappointed. This polish is 3 for $5, and they always have tons of great colors. I just scooped up a bubble gum pink called Pom-Pom, and a great peach color called Papaya.

Sinful Colors - This might be my favorite polish right now. Sold at Walgreens for $1.99, they have amazing pastels for the spring. I just bought a great pastel yellow that I can not wait to try out (loaned it to my sister – this is another yellow I found called Let’s Meet).

Wet n Wild Fast Dry - I usually get these from Rite Aid or CVS for $1.99. They do dry fast and have great staple colors like a ruby-red (this one is Everybody loves Redmond) or pale pinks for the season.




And here are few tips I use to get a professional looking manicure in between my trips to the shop:

1. Always file the edges of your nails before painting. Even if they are the length you want, just give them a little shape – it gives a nice new surface for the paint to stick and makes your nails look freshly manicured.

2. File a little on the top of your nails, then wash your hands. This will get the oil off of your nail and give a rough surface for the polish to stick.

3. Never shake your polish – it’ll give you bubbles. Instead just roll the polish in between your hands to mix it up before painting.

4. Don’t worry about polish on your skin. Once your nails are dry, wash your hands with a gentle soap and put a light lotion on. This will get rid of the extra polish on your skin.

5. For neons and pastels, I don’t use a top coat. I like a less shiny look to some colors – but this one is up to you.

6. And I stole this tip from my sister: Run your nails under cold water to dry them faster. You may still have to wait until they are completely dry but this will speed it up a bit.

Maybe I can talk ManicMonday in to giving us another nail tutorial soon – I’ll start to bugging now. Check out her guest post here.

What are some of your favorite polishes/colors of the moments?— Any great nail tips to add to the list?

Put your best fingers forward,

Fashionably Tardy

The beat of my heart

Red and white have been a favorite color combo of mine for a while. Very fitting that I would wear this combo to do a little thrifting with my mommy this evening, since these are favorites of hers too (Shout out to all of my sorors!). I made her snap a few pictures before we went out – so sorry for the shadows, and views of my mommy’s furniture:

Xhilaration striped tank: Target | Apostrophe boyfriend jeans: Sears | Mia Amore wedges: Sears | Camel blazer: thrifted | The Sak lavendar clutch: gifted 

And some of you might have noticed that my hair looks a little different. I am taking a little break from the heat set roller sets I’ve been doing and trying out some new styles for the summer. This is day 4 of a twist out done on wet hair:

It’s a lot bigger when I just let it dry on its own - and I do love big hair. I like this style for the more humid days ahead so I think I will keep playing around with it and see what else my hair can do. I do retwist them every night and add some olive oil to the ends. This natural hair journey has been work but I am so happy that I did it.

Share some stories with me! I know you all are reading, but I miss hearing from you.

It’s time for the weekend! — Enjoy the sunshine :-)

Lots of love,

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Tumblin’ Trend: High-low hems

This week’s tumblin’ trend is one that I have heard such mixed reviews about. Some can’t wait to strut them all spring and others think they are a bit too costume to be pulled off with an everyday outfit. I’m talking about high-low hem skirts and dresses, or fishtail hem or tulip tail skirts. Basically, all ways to describe a skirt with a longer hem in the back than the front. Here take a look:

From Chictopia

From The Magnolia Pair

From Glamour.com 

And here are some beauties I found for you (for under $20, of course):

High-low hemsbottom left is from Kmart – the rest can be found on Forever21.com



So what do you think, Ladies? A trend you think you would rock, or is it a bit too flamenco dancer for your wardrobe? — Let me know!

Have a great Wednesday :-)

Fashion for the indecisive,

Fashionably Tardy

Is this my bag or yours?

So Refinery29 is one of the many sites I visit for my fashion fixes. They give real opinions of trends and not just pushing what designers are saying is hot. They have articles about fashion gone wrong and my favorite: DIY fashion. A few days ago, they had an article on a trend creeping its way out that many people aren’t on board with yet. Along the line of man purses, some fashion forward (or backwards?) men have started carrying “portfolios” with their outfits. I put “portfolios” in quotes because essentially these look like big clutches. Embellished with zippers and bold colors. Take a look at this article and tell me if it has mad some believers out of you gentlemen.

“How to Wear a Man Bag: Real tips from a clutch carrier”

I am totally supportive of satchels and weekend bags for men when needed. I mean you all have things to carry around too. But I think that my guy would have a hard time wrestling his “portfolio” from under my arm if it added that perfect pop of color to my outfit.

Oh! And please check out this blog called “Mursegame” – all pictures of stylish men rocking bags. It’s catching on like wildfire — Handsomes, are you on board?

Have a great Monday!

Hey, can i borrow that?

Fashionably Tardy

Give Peplum a chance?

I’m always honest about the hot trends that I may not be totally on board with. Wasn’t sure about the shorts with tights, have a little issue with baby doll dresses sometimes, still don’t feel too settled about man sandals. Well I have another one for you today. And don’t get me wrong, I love the look of this and have seen some adorable ensembles that incorporate this trend – I’m just not convinced that those of us above a size zero can really lean with it, rock with it without looking like an elephant in a tutu. The trend is peplum – which basically just means a layer of ruffle/short over skirt added around the hip (either at the bottom of a top, or top of a bottom). Here are some pictures:

My peplum mini from Urban Outfitters (got this seasons ago)

So what’s your weigh-in? It’s a little 80′s prom dress (ain’t nothin’ wrong with that). It’s adorable, no doubt – I think it’s all about balance and shape with this trend. And pairing it with something simple so that the ruffle is the statement piece. I’ve actually never worn this peplum mini, but I’m thinking it’s time to bust it out and see what this trend is all about.

Think you’re ready to give peplum a chance? — Give me your opinion of this hot trend.

Ooo and I’m finally on Instagram so follow me!…FashionablyTardy :-)

Have a great weekend pretties!

More is more,

Fashionably Tardy

Sock it to them?

I have many multiple conversations with my guy friends about how limited accessories are for men. If it’s not a watch, and maybe a necklace, there isn’t much that many men feel like they can do to spice up an outfit. While cruising the internet fashion streets, I kept noticing an addition to an outfit that some men are paying a lot of attention to. Their socks. Rob Kardashian (little brother of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe) is talking of a launch of his own designer sock line. There are more than just black, blue and brown options even for a suit. When I went searching on my favorite shopping sites for some choices, this is usually what I saw:



No more solid (boring?) sock options for men in the fashion trends right now. And the cropper or cuffed pants trend that’s hot for spring for men, gives you plenty of time to show off a well patterned sock. Check out the gentlemen over at one of the men’s fashion blogs I follow: Urbane Club

Handsomes, I’m not trying to sway you either way with this one. I personally like when a man looks like he paid that extra attention to detail in an outfit, but I can also understand how rocking these bright-colored socks may be a bit much for some’s sensibilities. Just want to keep you updated on what’s happening in the fashion world for men. And let you know that you can do a little more in the way of personalizing your style than you may think.

What do you think about these fancy socks? Something you would try, or is it a waste of time?—–Ladies, would a man in exciting socks catch your attention? What do you think about the trend?

Happy Wednesday loves!

Style from head to toe,

Fashionably Tardy

Sales and sunshine

The weatherman is predicting a beyond gorgeous week for some of us. Hearing that today is going to be 70 degrees made me think one thing this morning: “I need more loafers” :-) It also made me think about how many stores are going to be having end of season, or Spring preview sales. I’m trying to shop less for a while but that doesn’t mean you have to. So here are a few sales spots I’ve browsed, and so far resisted to buy from – which means it’s up to you to grab the deals and let me know all about them!


Men and Women’s shoes on sale. Sort by price and get to browsing.

Jo-ann Fabrics

You know that I am all about DIY fashion right now. The sale section at Jo-Ann fabrics is the perfect place to pick up some new buttons, fabrics markers and cloth swatches. Use your imagination and make something old look brand new again.


They have these adorable floral pants that I’m positive I may break this shopping fast for. I think that this sale is for in-store only but you can take a look around the site for some teasers.


And remember, this is the best time to shop out of season. You’ll need winter wear again, and if the deal is great enough it’s worth getting them now and saving them for the right time.

Have a great Monday!

Lovely Day,

Fashionably Tardy


Let’s get physical

Fashion is always evolving. And usually this evolution is just a cycle of old things made new again. One not so new wardrobe staple that I am on the hunt for is bodysuits. Now bodysuits don’t need to be 80s aerobic shiny, they are just the perfect addition to a flowing maxi skirt or some tapered trousers. Any outfit where you would want a fitted tucked in shirt is the perfect place for a bodysuit. No having to tuck the shirt in all day and no worries about bunching or parts sticking out. American Apparel always has some available, but the prices aren’t very Anything but style worthy. ASOS.com is also usually a good spot to look for some above $20 options. I’m on the hunt for a few long-sleeved ones, and one that looks like a white collared button down. In the meantime, here are a few to drool over for a reasonable price:

Head over to Forever 21 to grab these beauties, and browse some others.

Btw, as you can see I’ve fallen in love with Polyvore.com. You can clip pictures online as you’re browsing and put them in a cool collage. I’m addicted.

Have a great Friday and an exciting weekend!

Let me see your body rock,

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