Too skinny?

Several of the conversations I have had recently with my well dressed guy friends have landed us on one topic – the trend of super fitted clothes popping up on men all over. My friends aren’t hipster skaters so the general consensus is that Weezy’s leopard print skinny jeans are not for them. And I could not agree more with this decision. However, these conversations did get me to thinking about how many of these tighter fit trends for men have been taken way overboard. It is very possible for you handsome gentlemen to take advantage of the more tailored trends and not feel like you’re wearing figure skating tights. So we’re going to talk about a few of these “skinny” trends that may have received a bad name from those who don’t pull them off correctly. Don’t let one spandex wearing bad apple spoil the whole bunch.

1. Skinny Jeans.  Now this is the biggest complaint that I hear about men’s fashion trends at the moment. Not many guys want to be stuffing the boys in to skin-tight jeans that suffocate their ankles and show you what’s in their wallets. Fortunately for the fellas (and us ladies who are ogling you), you can take advantage of this slim fit trend without feeling like a super hero. I could not be a bigger pusher for slim fit Dockers, tailored trousers oor Chinos on men. Zara still has these options on sale (and free shipping!), and they are great. These aren’t your little cousin’s skinny jeans, these are fitted pants with more of a boot cut leg. You can wear these over your sneakers, tuck them in to your boots – everything. Zara has pairs for $25.99 (limited sizes), but stores like H&M and Old Navy have them too. So it’s time to get a little fitted, baggy has been out.

2. Skinny ties. Now there is nothing wrong with a slimmer tie – in fact I am enjoying the more 50s look of the ties that guys are wearing nowadays. But it is possible for them to be too skinny. I shouldn’t be confusing your tie with a stray piece of string on your shirt. And yes loves, it is proportionate to your size how skinny is too skinny. Monster Shaq is wearing my baby nephew’s tie, and I am not in agreement with this. Check out Absolute Ties for some 1-1/2″ options at a good price. I would really suggest checking out thrift stores for authentic vintage neckwear. If you could put the tie on a baby and it would look normal, it’s too skinny. Stick to a substantial width and leave the bolero ties to the cowboys.

3. Skinny suits. This is another men’s fashion trend that I love so much I just might marry it. Another great throwback to the 50s and beyond, slim fit suits are all over the runway. But as we have discussed before, runway does not me we just blindly throw it on our bodies and head out the door. Runway fashion is artistic, we need to use that as inspiration and make some real life changes for our interpretations. The look to the left is from the runway, but a bit too small in all areas for me to endorse it. Slim fit suits can be a little harder to find, but very possible. Check out places like Kohl’s and Macy’s for slim fit seperates. This would also be a great time to hit up your tailor if off the rack doesn’t normally work for you. I’m not going to pretend that you can find great fitting suits for the low prices I am usually boasting about on here, but the deals are out there. is another good place to look (and they give you sme advice on rocking the perfect slim fit suit). Yum.

Well gentlemen, there you have it – my two cents on the “skinny” trends for you good lookers. I am a fan of all of it, just can’t let it get out of control.

Have a great Friday!

Slim pickings,

Fashionably Tardy

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